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The Summer Tour 2000

We are so excited to finally be on our way. First we pose in our great new silks by Mario of Custom Sportswear in Wolcott. We also pose for family photos. After we check in and say our tearful goodbyes we board the plane bound for Chicago. Alas, about four hours later, we are getting off the plane - still in Connecticut! Due to bad storms, no flights were going in and we couldn't be rerouted. Luckily, Joy's family had waited and we all home to try again tomorrow. Before we leave the airport, Kimberly speaks to a Channel 30 news reporter about what the delays mean to travelers.

We are finally on our way today and headed for overseas. We travel for many hours and finally reach Germany. There we visit the local U.S.O. office where we make many new friends. In the air again, we finally reach Turkey many hours later. We are met by our MWR representatives, that take us to the base in Incirlik. That evening, we eat on base and go out for dinner. We are to perform for the grand opening of Bayrakli Park as part of a weekend long celebration. Performance day is hot and muggy and we are glad to at least be outside. Our show is lots of fun for the many families in attendance. Melanie and Kimberly ride the camel while Taylor agrees to be the baseball dunk victim!

We are once again traveling - this time to Izhmir where we also have shows lined up. We go to our performance area to check out our stage and set up equipment. There we meet another friend in charge of the dome area where we will perform that night. We are greeted by a large crowd ready to have fun. What could be more fun than getting your friend on stage to embarrass them? Our 80's medley is always a hit. Our show is great fun and we are happy to sign autographs and take pictures afterwards.

Melanie, Taylor and Kimberly head into town for a bit of shopping and site-seeing with __________. He teaches us a few Turkish words, including thank you. He also takes us to a local spot for some "special tea." It is really a trick they play on the new people where the waiter pretends to spill hot tea on you. Taylor and Kimberly were the victims of this "special tea." Later that night was our second show. This time it was in the club. We had another mixed audience, some adults, children and Turkish soldiers all enjoyed the activities. We were presented with roses by the club manager after the show.

We are sad that our time has come to an end but we do get to spend a couple more hours with ______ as he travels with us to Incirlik. We sadly part there and head off to our next destination - Italy!

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