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The Summer Tour 1996

Two days before we left, we had our final "dress rehearsal." This was a show for long time supporters, the Waterbury Lions Club.

Here are a couple of articles about our tour. From the New Haven Register on July 1, 1996.
And from the Waterbury Republican-American on July 17, 1996. This one ran while we were on tour.
Here we are July 2nd at our going away party.
Our Director Kim is going over her last minute checklist. 1995 Liberty Miss, Dina, gives us a going away hug.Here are the families ready for the long trek to the airport.

While Kim checks in our luggage and equipment, we contemplate the many hours ahead of us before we reach our destination. JoAnna decides to check the shoe suitcase one last time. They have called our flight and everyone moves toward gate A1. Tammy announces our departure! All the hugs are done and we are now trying to "separate" ourselves from our family and friends. Here we are inching towards the gate before they lock the plane door!

It is only July 3rd and we have quickly learned to "power-nap" wherever possible! Here are two of the many airports we passed through on our way to our final destination, Macedonia.

Camp Able Sentry - our U.N. home base in Macedonia. July 4th right before we go on for our first show! Here we are in the opening number in the clamshell! This was the end to a great day of fun and festivities at the camp. We even participated in one of the many tournaments, volleyball. We also helped Major Watson give out the awards that evening before our show. The evening culminated in a short round of fireworks.

July 5th is our first day out and we visit O.P.'s by ground. It is fun - but hot! This is a monument in Macedonia to the WWI & WWII soldiers. Quiet time in a room dedicated to the soldiers. Kimberly & Kimberley at the top. We finish our evening with another outdoor show at the NCO club which is called the "Swamp."

July 6th is the big day for some of us as this is about to be our first of many helicopter rides. At one of the O.P.s the border of Serbia crossed inside the fence - so here we are sitting in Serbia. Two countries in less than one minute - WOW! Amy and Kimberley in a helicopter, "Can we shut the doors please!" That night, we came back to perform in the Officer's Club to a packed house. Here is our country number and God Bless the U.S.A., which we sing at the end of every show.

Early July 7th and we are off and running again! It was over 100 degrees every day. Here's a great shot from the helicopter. This guy was sooo tall! Here we are visiting another O.P. This next photo is of an O.P. where we landed at the bottom and walked up 112 stairs to the top. But we were rewarded with fish and fries that they had made for us. Afterwards we posed for photos at their lookout tower. Every time we went to an O.P. we would make sure to stop off and quiz the poor guy on duty of his general orders. And of course we would say the obligatory line: "Uno stoy ilia ya pookum!"(sp.?) We were told this was Macedonian for "Stop or I'll shoot." At the bottom of the hill was this "border" sign, so of course we "stepped" over it. The last photo on this day is with O.P. U57. We were sad as we performed our last show that evening at the Swamp at Camp Able Sentry.

On July 8th we have the day off so our escorts took us into downtown Skopje and we enjoyed the sights of the city. But not before we stopped by the main U.N. building to visit with a unit that was staying in town. It was over 110 degrees that day! Tammy and Kimberly thought the "Libertas" sign was too good to pass up!

Here we are, up bright and early on our last morning, surprised and yet sad. We can't believe we spent a whole week here. It only seems like hours! We were presented with awards and a photo album at a formation Major Watson called in our honor. We then head out to the flight line where we sit with many others awaiting the word to board this plane bound for Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

When one leaves, it is tradition to paint on the guest walls in Macedonia so...

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