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The Liberty Misses

The Liberty Misses 1998-1999

Top L to R: Kirstie, Kimberly and Maria
Bottom L to R: Stacy, Erin and Ramona (did not tour)

This group actually started out our year with a Holiday Tour in December, 1998. We are proud to say we were once again specially requested to perform in Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Azores - islands off the coast of Portugal. (We were also supposed to perform in the UAE but that was cancelled due to tensions during that time.)

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All photos by Don Roudi.

Back L to R: Erin, Ramona and Kirstie
Front L to R: Maria, Kimberly and Stacy

Back L to R: Kirstie, Erin and Ramona
Front L to R: Kimberly, Stacy and Maria

1998 Summer Tour
1999 Summer Tour
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