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The Liberty Misses 1996

Top L to R: Kimberley and JoAnna
Middle L to R: Kimberly and Amy
Bottom L to R: Heather and Tammy

In 1996 we traveled to Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia.

For more pictures of our year, click here.

Here is another photo from our session with photographer Don Roudi.
L-R: Kimberley, JoAnna, Tammy, Kimberly, Heather and Amy

When we returned home from our tour, we were pleased to have the chance to be thanked by the Governor of Connecticut, The Honorable John G. Rowland. Here we are in his office at the State Capital building located in Hartford. L-R: Kimberly, Tammy, Heather, Gov. Rowland, JoAnna and Kimberley

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