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The Summer Tour 1998

We are on our way to our last stop on an exciting tour - Iceland! After we have a great stop over in England, we are lucky to be bumped to first class where we were treated to their specialty - salmon. Upon arrival, we meet our contacts, John, Sean, Shawn and Shawn (yes, it's true!). They are shocked to see all of our luggage. They take us to the BOQ where we are to stay. After our accommodations the last couple of weeks - this is a palace! After being treated to a bite to eat, we were anxious to see our performance areas.

Trying to catch a nap here would be hard - it's daylight almost all the time! We also were lucky enough to be taken on a quick tour. The next day John took us to the Blue Lagoon Spa. We go from jackets to bathing suits. The water is very blue but not clear. It is also very warm and is heated naturally by the underlying volcanic activity. The "mud" here is also supposedly very therapeutic and we slather it on as well as throw it at each other! After a couple of hours, we are back on the road again to see some geisers. The paved road soon becomes a bumpy, rocky ride. We stop along the way to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and to visit with some local animals. We finally reach our destination and Kimberly is brave enough to get close to the erupting geiser. After a few photos, the sulfuric smell is more than we can handle and we decide to go back to base.

Our first show is a family show in the local theatre. It was well attended and we were pleased to see many kids in attendance. Some of our new friends even got in on the act. We had a limbo and a dance contest. Afterwards, we were pleased to sign many autographs, take pictures and answer questions.

Our next show is at the local nightclub which can only be described as a "safari" motif. A lot of audience participation helped warm up this crowd. Afterwards, one of the Marine wives asked if we could stop by the barracks for a few moments as some of them weren't allowed to come to the show. We gladly complied and stopped in to sing "God Bless The U.S.A." and dance and chat with some of them.

We are very sad our tour is coming to an end. We had such a great time the whole tour and it was fun to be in a country that was new to us. We pack our things and once more head for the airport. Arriving back in Connecticut to a great big welcome home! We all make our way back to the Parenti's house for a big welcome home celebration. A few days later, we were all invited back for a welcome home and birthday party for Tammy and Amy. As tradition holds, they smeared cake on each other. We were once again glad to have brought a little bit of cheer from home.

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