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The Holiday Tour 1996-1997
Hungary and Croatia

Boy oh boy and we thought London was cold! As soon as we got to Kaposvar, we were issued our gear of Gortex jackets and pants, rubber boots, shrapnel-proof flak jackets, Kevlar helmets, sleeping bags and duffel bags. JoAnna and Heather are marking all their gear for the trip.

Because of the snow, we were told that we had to condense all of our belongings down into duffel bags for our ride into Bosnia. It is snowing and very cold outside and Amy and Kimberly are surrounded by the mess inside the dorm. Kimberly has decided to pack herself and ask to be shipped somewhere warm.

The next day we are "on call" to leave at any moment. After waiting all day, we return to our room for some much needed sleep. Exhausted, Melissa says goodnight.

Our MWR Rep., Barry tells us that we have a window of opportunity to tag along on a bus that is going to Bosnia. This bus has the band, U.S.A. Express on it. They graciously share with us and Magic Al for the long ride to Bosnia. Here Barry peeks his head in for last minute instructions and best wishes before we hit the road.

We spend our Christmas Eve on the bus drinking hot chocolate and singing songs. We also make a "tree" on the bus window. We stop at the border to exchange military escort. We find out on the way to Croatia that we have a Christmas Eve show so we start getting ready. After our performance, U.S.A. Express performs and Magic Al and Kimberly share a dance.

Up early for our ride to Bosnia, we all wish each other Merry Christmas. Some humorous soldiers made a snowman on top of a Humvee. Kimberly asks two guards on patrol to pose with her. As we traveled the road to Bosnia, the sheer magnitude of the destruction was clear from our bus window. We all surprised Magic Al with a birthday card and candle in a cupcake.

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