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The Summer Tour 1998
Hungary and Croatia

We have worked really hard preparing for our new tour. Our newest member, Stacy, is excited about her first tour overseas. During our preparation for the tour, we became part of the Parenti family of Wolcott. They opened their house for rehearsals and just plain fun! June 17th has finally arrived and we are ready for our bus to pick us up to leave for New York. We take one last "Brady Bunch" family photo before we leave.

Our ride to the airport is a wild one as the bus driver is not only late, but has trouble getting us to the airport. We make it with literally minutes to spare but the wonderful people at the airport help us get all of our equipment on the plane and unlock the doors to let us board. We can finally breathe a sigh of relief. We are all smiles now!

We have arrived in Budapest, Hungary and since Stacy is new, we let her "watch and learn" the luggage and equipment process! We are happy to be met by our driver, Fritz and the MWR Rep. ____. As they load the bus, we board for the long ride to Kaposvar. When we get there, we sign up for I.D. cards. Amy and Kimberly try on their new helmets while Heather looks on. We are soon shown to our deluxe accommodations in tent city at Taszar Main Base.

That evening, after cleaning up and some rest, we are taken to a familiar spot from Summer, 1996 - Kaposjulak! We enjoy the sights of the town night and a great dinner. We end our evening socializing with the troops at LSA.

The next morning, Stacy and Tammy don't want to get out of their sleeping bags. We go to the mess hall where we "catch" a few guys checking out our poster. After visiting the finance office, we check out our stage for tonight's show.

Our first show was at the LSA Beer Tent in Taszar, Hungary. We were so honored to also be interviewed for the American Endeavor base paper and for the AFN network. The show went very well with lots of audience participation and fun. To see the AFN story that ran, click here. We performed to a packed house in front of a huge American flag. Heather outdances her partner in the dance contest. Amy dances with the daughter of a contract employee. After "God Bless the U.S.A.," we happily sign autographs and pose for photos. Backstage, we are presented with medals by our new friends.

C'mon you guys! Let me out of this bag!

Here is the American Endeavor feature from our show at LSA - Taszar, Hungary about our June 18, 1998 show.

We enjoyed an evening of socializing with the troops and even visited the troops that couldn't make it to our show. Kimberly gets pinned by a soldier while Heather looks on. We had a great conversation with this gentleman as we found out he was from Southington, Connecticut. The next morning, our new friend pinned Stacy at breakfast. Amy shows off the clean tent as we get ready to pack up the bus for the long ride to Croatia!

Our escorts posed for this great picture when we made a midpoint stop. As we arrive at Slav-Brod, the first thing Kimberly and Stacy do are hang posters advertising our show. The troops graciously turn over their movie theatre to us for a sleeping area. Here we are spreading out our stuff and making it "homey."

We get cleaned up and visit all the guard towers before the show. Another famous "Brady Bunch" family photo! We also meet some young locals. Our show is well attended and by the time we are into our country medley, the audience is having a blast. Supremes in Croatia. We change clothes and sign autographs and pose for photos after the show. We are so excited as an old friend from Summer, 1996 in Bosnia is remembered. Bitz was shocked when we started calling his name. Tomorrow we are off to Bosnia!

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