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The Summer Tour 1996
Hungary and Croatia

Leaving our friends in Macedonia was hard but we knew we were needed in other places. Kimberly was invited into the cockpit to "fly" while JoAnna and the others caught up on some much needed sleep. After landing at Ramstein AFB in Germany, we went to stay at Sembach Air Base. We were surprised to go from the very hot conditions of Macedonia to the coolness of Germany. Our sweatshirts from "The Dancer's Shop" of New Haven sure came in handy!

We had two days off so we vowed to make the most of them! We went to Heidelberg and visited the Schlossberg Castle. The view from above was breathtaking. We went inside and made a toast with 200 year old wine from one of the huge wine casks. Here we are atop one of them. We finished up our evening with a traditional German dinner.

Bright and early the next morning we drove from Germany to France! We headed straight into Paris and to the famed Cathedrale Notre Dame! It was as peaceful as it was awe-inspiring. The art and architecture were amazing - but no hunchbacked bell ringers were spotted!

We got back in our car and this helpful motorcyclist led us to "La Tour Eiffel." Our first view was just as exciting as Notre Dame. Once at the top, we admired the view and then facing America, along with a few foreign friends, sang Happy Birthday to Tammy. We traveled the city and came upon a fair outside of the Louvre. We quickly dubbed this the "Paris Wheel." The view from atop was every bit as fantastic as the Eiffel Tower. Our evening was coming to an end and we dined facing the Eiffel Tower and zoomed back home to Sembach on the Autobahn!

Up early, we were put on a waiting list to fly out of Germany. Later that day we finally made it onto a flight and the gracious pilots let some of us come up to the cockpit and take a look around. Tammy listens to instructions. Kimberly points out the window as we fly over Italy.

Once we arrived in Hungary, we were greeted by our MWR Reps., Marsha and Aloma. They were glad to see us and told us there was a tent full of people waiting to see our show. Not to be outdone, we got ready quickly and performed for a standout crowd in the LSA Beer Tent at Taszar Main. Tammy sings "Surfin' U.S.A." in our American medley. We finish out the show, sign autographs and take photos with our new friends. We also hang out for a while before bustling back to our tent for a night in the sleeping bags.

The next morning, we are off and flying to Croatia for a show. This is our first experience with Kevlar helmets and Flak jackets to wear.

We received a warm welcome at Slov-Brod. They had a flatbed set up for our stage. Red in a sea of green! A helicopter landed in the middle of our show! JoAnna picks on some poor guy in the audience. After signing autographs and taking pictures, we headed over to the mess hall for a dinner treat. We said goodbye to our friends and flew back to Taszar Main for some sleep.

The next day was a little easier. We traveled to Kaposujlak Airfield for an autograph session and show. We were lucky enough to have a chance to sit in an Apache helicopter for photos. It was so hot, Amy and Kimberly couldn't touch anything or they'd be burned. Kimberly points to her nickname... Our new friends practicing for the show. Opening number! Kimberly and Kimberley fire their own gun and Heather and Tammy tap a little hoedown to "Orange Blossom Special." Amanda Griffin interviewed us for a great article that appeared in the "American Endeavor."

After we sing "God Bless the U.S.A.," the gang comes up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to Amy and Tammy.

That evening, Marsha and Aloma treated us to a visit to downtown Kaposvar. We admired many shop windows that evening and even came upon a guy from Connecticut in a cappuccino bar. We also enjoyed outside dancing to a local band. We posed for our "Brady family photo" at this local church. Ballet anyone? We said goodbye to our friends and made our way back to our tent at Taszar Main for some sleep because tomorrow - we were off to Bosnia!

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