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The Summer Tour 2000

Leaving Italy behind was even harder but we knew more great adventures were ahead for us. We land on the island of Kriti (Crete) and are once again glad to be in the sun. We are taken to a quaint waterside hotel to drop our bags and head for base. Once we get to base, we pick out a spot for our show and put up more posters.

The next day we head out for some relaxation in the sun. The water is clear so Kimberly and _____ snorkel and find a sea urchin. We explore a little of the town and decide to meet up for dinner. Across the harbor from our hotel is a restaurant. We take the launch and are treated to traditional Greek fare. _______ and Kimberly seem to be enjoying it a little too much. Joy can't seem to get away from things with legs! That night we also sample some of the local night scene. We go to a spot that is frequented by our troops and experience the "line of fire." There we meet some new friends and tell them to spread the word about our show on base.

The next day we head to base and set up for our show which is part of the extended Memorial Day activities. During our show, we are filmed for a segment of AFN Television. One of our contest participants is more than we can handle and makes us laugh so much we can barely finish the show! We are sad that our last show of the tour has come to an end but glad we could bring so many smiles to our troops abroad.

We are up and out of there early the next day for our stopover in Athens. After a quick check-in, Melanie, Taylor and Kimberly change and head for downtown Athens. After passing Zeus' Temple they follow the hill upwards to one of the wonders of the world - the Parthenon - a temple for the Goddess Athena - protector of Athens. Our stroll was shortlived as we passed by a local bakery and stopped for baklava! We finally arrive at the base of the temple and they can hardly believe their eyes. Stopping to peek over the side, workers below are preparing for a concert below. Kimberly stops to rest on the stairs to the Parthenon. Here are the two temples on the site. The one to the left has the muses as columns. The view atop the Acropolis is amazing in all directions.

After an event like that what could we do but shop and eat in the Plaka? The streets are lined with shops selling sponges gathered by local divers. Taylor befriends a local pup. Taylor and Kimberly purchase bags to take home. Don't forget to duck Melanie! We have a great dinner and head back to our hotel to pack for the long trip home.

Welcome back to Connecticut! We are so grateful to be back home and everyone is there to greet us with balloons and flowers.

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