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The Holiday Tour 1996-1997

The Department of Defense has called once more and let us know that there have been many special requests for The Liberty Misses to return to Bosnia for the holidays. So we discussed it and decided that six holidays aren't much compared to the missed holidays of thousands. So we planned and rehearsed and here we are - on the road again, or should we say in the air again!

The New Britain Herald Press ran this article about Kimberley and the group before our Holiday Tour 1996 on December 15, 1996.

Here we are on December 16th ready to leave Bradley Airport in Connecticut. We are taking a few last photos for our family in front of the Christmas Tree. (standing L-R: Amy, JoAnna and Heather; kneeling L-R: Kimberly, Kimberley and Melissa)

We have just flown all night from the U.S.A. and here we are unloading at another airport. When we arrived at Ramstein Air Force Base, we were driven to our destination of Baumholder Army Base in Germany. We have met up with Magic Al, another DOD performer. Here we are about to fall asleep in our lunch at a cafe in Germany. Magic Al tries out some of his illusions on our MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) Representative, Karen.

After a good sleep, we awoke later to find that breakfast was over. We managed to find one pastry shop and after much begging, they fed us. Afterwards, we went over to check out our stage at the Baumholder fest tent. Here is Kimberly with two of our newest fans! That afternoon found us waiting in the finance office with Magic Al and our MWR Rep., Karen.

That night we had a great show at Baumholder. Our country medley was a big hit. Signing autographs after the show is always a fun way to meet everyone! Magic Al convinces a guy to try out his trick chair. It was certainly a "shock" for this soldier boy! About two seconds after this photo, Kimberly almost ended up on the floor!

We have an afternoon before our second show starts so our driver Mike took us to a place called Idar Oberstein. Here we are strolling towards the downtown shopping area. The town is famous for gems and jewelry. This church has been built into the side of the mountain. It is such a beautiful sight in person. The two Kims take a seat outside of a German pub. Here is one of the quaint and charming shop-lined streets.

It is only December 20th and we are off and running to our next location! Here we are with all of our equipment at Frankfurt Airport. People sure hate to be behind us in line! "Oh Tannenbaum" inside the airport. We consider every tree we see to be ours!

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