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The Holiday Tour 1996-1997

After arriving at London Heathrow, we determine a piece of Heather's luggage is missing and we load up the vans for a two hour ride to Peterborough. Upon arrival, we are shown to our rooms at Alconbury Air Force Base.

Melissa, Kimberley and Heather waiting to go on stage at our Alconbury show. The show went very well and we are pleased to find out we have the next afternoon off!

The next morning, we share Heather's excitement as her missing suitcase is returned! Heather, Amy, Kimberley, Kimberly, JoAnna and Melissa trying to keep warm while waiting for the train to London! As we have said many times before, you learn to nap ANYWHERE - Kimberly and Kimberley catnapping on the train. We're here! We quickly decide that the best way to see London is to do the tourist thing and ride atop the red double decker buses.

Here is the U.S. Embassy and the decorated streets of London. We also drive past the famed Tower of London, Big Ben and London Bridge.

Here are some of the other sights of London as we rode around. Her Majesty's Theatre and Big Ben at night. Boy was it COLD on the top of that bus!

This has to be our favorite sign - "Liberty & CO" - that's us! After our bus tour around London, we decided to do another touristy thing and go to Madame Toussaud's House of Wax. Kimberly stands next to Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous fame. Kimberley meets up with gossiper Dame Judith. We ended our night with a typical pub dinner of fish and chips.

It is early in the morning on December 22nd and we are on the road again. They stop long enough for Heather to take a photo standing beside the sign at the Alconbury AFB. Our next flight takes us to Budapest, Hungary where we will take vans on a two hour ride to Kaposvar.

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