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The Summer Tour 1998

The next morning we waited patiently with busloads of troops for the clearance to hit the road to Bosnia. Tammy and Kimberly have found their ride... Here we are crossing the bridge into Bosnia. A local family waves to us from their home. Our first stop is Camp McGovern. We have just arrived only to have a land mine go off not far from us! Being back in the hangar brings back memories of the Summer 1996 show when Heather fell and sprained her ankle! We are happy to pose with our MWR Rep., Lisa. Tammy and Kimberly again on the short end of the deal. Here is our new home as we get ready for our show at this evening.

Opening number! Some of our audience. Having fun during our 70's medley. Kimberly twists with the audience members during our 50's medley. Our Supremes medley and "God Bless the U.S.A." round out our show. After changing and coming out for photos and autographs, Tammy finds our old friend from Summer 1996, Stokes. He was featured in the Pauly Shore movie, "In The Army Now." Kimberly signs autographs for some of our foreign troops. Stacy and Kimberly pose with a new friend.

After the show, we visit our favorite spot - the mess hall! Stacy looks on as Tammy shows her Kimberley's (see 1996) old job of being Army Bean! The next morning we are up early for the ride to Camp Colt. It is sooooo hot on this bus and we have to keep on our Kevlars and flak jackets. After eating lunch in the mess hall, we find that Fritz has cleaned up our bus! We say goodbye to Lisa and the rest of our new friends. The World Cup is taking place during our tour and Kimberly tries to participate.

That night we play to a packed house. YMCA in the 70's medley. Lots of fun is had dancing with the audience during our country medley. JoAnna sings during our newest number - "The Greatest Medley Ever Told." Tammy's solo is "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and features her putting an American Flag sequin hat on a volunteer.

Afterwards, we sign autographs and take pictures. Kimberly meets a new friend from Virginia and they find out that they were from rival high schools! Tammy and Lance, our MWR Rep. at Camp Colt. Here we are for a Camp Colt family photo.

The next morning we pack up to leave for our next camp. Kimberly tries out the turret on a Humvee. We pose for one last photo and give our thanks to Lance. Heather makes repairs to one of our dresses on the bus.

We arrive at Blue Factory and are welcomed by our new MWR Rep. Here we are backstage before the show. 70's medley. Heather twists with the audience during our 50's medley. After the show, we go to the mess hall then stop and visit a few that couldn't make it to the show.

Finding ways to keep entertained on the long bus rides is easy. Our dancers, Tammy and Heather, insist that they can sing in the next show! Our next stop is a familiar one, Camp Bedrock! First stop - mess hall of course, where we meet new friends. Afterwards, we pose in front of this great sign. Which way?

After getting into our connex's, we change and challenge our new friends to volleyball. We have a great time and are filmed for AFN. The two teams pose after the game. But here is the number one team! Suddenly, we had to make a run for it as the skies became as dark as night and the clouds opened above us with crazy rain!

A little rain never stopped us! Our show was moved inside to the mess hall that was packed door to door. Kimberly, Stacy and Heather during our opening number. JoAnna gets this guy to beg during our 70's medley. Amy wipes sweat from the brow of a soldier during her "Big Spender" number. As we finish our show, here we are going into our fabulous dressing room that they built for us just that afternoon. Signing autographs and talking to everyone is one of our favorite things. Our MWR Rep. takes us to the recreation tent where we dance, play pool and ping-pong with our new friends. Everybody had fun doing the "Cotton Eyed Joe."

After breakfast the next day, Stacy checks out the bulletin board that features pictures of her and Heather from volleyball. We are once again on the road to Camp Comanche - or Tuzla West. After running to the PX for supplies, Tammy, Heather, Kimberly and Amy meet up with a couple of old friends from Summer 1996. We check out our stage and set up for our show. Kimberly gets tired so she hitches a ride with a soldier.

Our audience waits patiently for the show to start. Heather writes the show line up. Heather grabs a volunteer. Dance contest - watch those hands! After "God Bless the U.S.A.," we enjoy signing autographs. This banner on the wall reminds us that our Servicemen and Servicewomen spend many days away from home. Later that evening, we set up a game of Pictionary with our friends. Is it cold or hot?

The next day, another volleyball challenge is on! This guy protects all the water.

Our handy driver Fritz fixes one of the broken make-up cases. On the way to our helicopter, we stop in on the Wardogs. To enter, you have to do push-ups. Camp Uglevich, here we come! Stacy is all smiles for her first helicopter ride. (Unfortunately, this is one of the last times Tammy sees her purse as we think it flew out of the helicopter on the way to Uglevich.)

Once at Uglevich, our guide tells us that to see the Russian Brigade, we have to cross the bridge. There she goes - here she comes! The Russian chapel. Posing with our new Russian friends. Bye or Daspedania!

We had a great show outside and it was a touching feeling to look out into the audience and see Russian and American soldiers standing together under the American flag as we sing the "Star Spangled Banner." We quickly move into showtime fun. The Captain of Team A and the Captain of Team B for the 50's medley. Stacy twists with the soldiers while Kimberly, Amy and JoAnna dance in the background. Heather and Tammy dance on the plywood stage they built for us. Supremes. Signing autographs for the Russians was an honor. Tammy and Kimberly received pins from some of the soldiers. We are honored again when they ask to take a group photo. We were especially honored when Lieutenant Colonel Aleksander Nikolaiovich Khabarov of the Separate Russian Airborne Brigade posed with us. Heather danced so hard she blew out a shoe!

It is now night and time to go home and we are exhausted. Our great flight crew! J.R. asks questions about the purse but Tammy doesn't look to happy. Our deluxe connex accommodations. Tammy and Kimberly stop to sing a couple of tunes before going home.

It is now June 27th and we are at Camp Dobol. Antici....pation. Amy and Stacy sing an old favorite. Supremes. After the show, we are presented with a certificate of honor by our MWR Reps. It may be night but too early for us so we decide to play volleyball. Winners and losers.

We hit the road again for Camp Demi. It is a rural area which is evidenced by these guys guarding the sheep. Before our show, we head out to the O.P.s to visit those that can't come to our show. Opening number outside. Amy making this guy do P.T. Half of our great audience. We're once again grateful to accept this certificate of appreciation. Lux becomes our new best friend as he brings cappuccinos to our autograph tables. After a few more pictures, we find out that there was a whole unit that couldn't come to the show, so we visited them. Another tall guy for Tammy and Kimberly. Stacy and Tammy watch as their new puppy does tricks.

The next morning we are up early and head to the top of a tower for this wonderful view. JoAnna waits with the suitcases. It was a very long, hot ride to Camp Butmir in Sarajevo. Our first day we met the Italians and Dutch. We share a large room with other Servicewomen. On the way to visit another camp, we stop at this overlook. This cute little boy stops to say hello. Kimberly, Amy, Fritz, JoAnna, Heather, Tammy and Stacy check out the view. We are speechless at the destruction including pieces of the Olympic village. This was a restaurant during the Olympics but was blown up by the Serbians after they used it for their headquarters. This was the luge used during the Olympics. Those are bullet holes and holes used to shoot from beside Kimberly. After spending time at the next camp, we head for the city.

This is the supposedly the spot where, after a bomb was dropped and killed many people, the U.S. decided to get involved. This is the oldest known Muslim library in the world and sadly the inside has been totally blown up. The legend is that this is the bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated which was the event that started World War I. Once we returned to camp, we were excited to hear that we had been invited to a dinner with the Italian regiment to honor their General. Tammy and Kimberly were honored to sit next to the General. Here is our dinner table. More Italian friends. The Dutch celebrate as their team wins in the World Cup preliminaries.

The next morning we are taken back to Sarajevo where we top at this blown up building. We are told that despite the massive damage, the paper was still being printed during the war by dedicated workers. After we returned to camp, we were told that snipers had been reported in that very area. Kimberly, Amy, Tammy and Heather are coming out of the museum. We were disappointed that it was closed. Stacy, Heather and Kimberly check out the Olympic stadium and stop at the Olympic torch. Across the street the sadness swells as the hundreds of fresh graves are an instant reminder. We stop at the Embassy downtown at meet some new friends. We learned that any red paint spot on a street marks a spot where more than five people were killed during the war. Today we get closer to the Moslim Library. This sign speaks for itself.

That night we returned to Camp Butmir for a knockout performance. Stacy sings a country song. Kimberly, Amy and JoAnna bring the 50's back-up sound alive.

Taking photos and signing autographs is just as much fun as the show. Our Dutch friends invite us over to celebrate. Our new friend Clint gave us these ammo rounds to take home, but Kimberly decided to take a picture with it instead. We decided another volleyball challenge was in order. JoAnna pats her fellow teammate on the arm while Heather laughs. Tammy and Kimberly are given a "leg up" so they can spike! We are then treated to a late night serenade.

It is now July 1st and we're on the way back to Eagle Main, Tuzla. When we arrive, we stop into the Mayor's office to see our old room. A quick stop in the mess hall and Heather and Stacy tell us where to get more goodies. That night we have off so we head over to Camp Comanche - Tuzla West to support the other D.O.D. Touring group, ASKA. The were a great band and the troops enjoyed themselves. We even got in on the show a little. They were jealous because Fritz had been their driver on a previous tour and we had him now! The first night we have to stay in a tent because the connex's weren't ready. Our MWR Reps. Travis and J.R. make everything just right.

We pack up the helicopter on the 2nd and head for the hills! After we landed at Camp Mt. Vis, we took this great photo. We loaded up the Humvees and headed for the top. Even though our performance space was a boardwalk, it didn't stop our show! Here we are relaxing after the show. When we arrived back at Eagle Main, the AT&T representative gave us these t-shirts.

The next morning we watched the changing of command ceremony. In the air again we hit Camp Hill for a show. Wow Travis! This was a day of firsts for us - this vehicle and this bunker dressing room. 70's fun with our volunteer to "I Will Survive." Our Camp Hill family photo. We thank our pilots for the ride home. Back at Camp Eagle Main, we hang out and watch movies with our new friends.

Up early for the July 4th celebrations we check out the floats for the parade. We also meet Astronaut __________. We were honored to be part of the dedication ceremonies by singing "Star Spangled Banner." We also stopped by the dedication of the new park. We stopped to pose with the Yugoslavian General. Never mind stay away from the land mines - watch where you're driving! Travis shows us the new Eagles Nest sign he built. While Amy and Kimberly give an AFN radio interview, Tammy dances with a soldier and gets videoed for AFN television. Afterwards, we head over to the Humvees to visit the outposts. It's Stacy's first humvee ride. We pass a crashed MIG. Having a little fun at the gate. And at the guard posts. Our Mayor! Kimberly and Tammy are at it again! We post with our drivers.

Back at home base, we get ready for the show. Our great audience! JoAnna waves to the crowd during intro. Amy makes a "Big Spender" out of our Astronaut. JoAnna sings to an audience member. Tammy dances to "The Business of Love" while Kimberly gets a lift during "I Want You Back." At the end of our show, we present Fritz with an engrave lighter to show our appreciation. Afterwards, a picture with the Commander and then autographs. We turned the tables and had them sign our t-shirts with their names.

That night we had a blast playing Pictionary with our "bodyguards." They made these great shirts and wore them to our show. The next morning we hit the road and finally were able to stop and get some food. After at stop at Slav Brod in Croatia, we continue the day long ride to Taszar Main in Kaposvar, Hungary.

July 6th, Fritz drives us to Budapest and we say our sad goodbyes. After seeing the sights of town, we head out for a great dinner. Our staff treated us so well we just had to have a picture. Early the next morning we are off to the airport headed for Iceland and a new adventure!

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