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The Summer Tour 1996

The next morning Marsha and Aloma said goodbye as we flew off to Bosnia. A little fun during down time. When we make it to Bosnia, we are picked up at the flight line and trucked to the main base. After being dropped off, JoAnna realises her backpack fell off the truck along the way. After settling in to our room at the Mayor's Office, we visited the MP Station and the mess hall. We met the General afterwards and then headed home to unpack. An impromptu game of night volleyball was much more fun once JoAnna's purse was returned. Here Kimberley, you hold this while we play.

The next day we were so excited to have our first humvee ride. Tammy and Kimberly pose with their drivers. We passed a lot of interesting sights along the way but nothing was as interesting as arriving at our next base to find nothing but mud! We performed on a brand new stage they built just for us. But not before we celebrate Amy's birthday in the mess hall where everyone sang happy birthday. JoAnna pushes this poor guy to Kimberly. Kimberly, JoAnna, Amy and Kimberley harmonize on En Vogue's "Hold On" while Heather and Tammy dance. Our show was over and we had just enough time to wash off the mud and sign autographs and take pictures before saying goodnight!

The next day we are lucky to have off so we spend it with the soldiers! We played volleyball in the hot sun and even let them convince us to give a sneak preview of our 70's medley. Later that afternoon, we headed down to support fellow DOD touring band _______. They gave a great performance and we danced the night away. Meanwhile, back at home, when you get bored...Kimberley became an ARMY BEAN!

Up early again the next day, we visit tent city and the transportation department. Afterwards, we head for the AFN radio station for an interview and to promote our shows. Kimberley gives the schedule while Tammy listens. We all had an opportunity to speak and tell everyone a little about ourselves and our group. That afternoon, we pack up and head for Comanche Base - Tuzla West for another show. There we meet our newest friend and fellow dancer, _________. Heather and Kimberly both get to interview for AFN television. They were there to film our show and we were "jumping for joy!" Getting down to that 70's groove. Country time and this guy was a great dancer. One last picture before we head for home!

As we headed for Camp Rumbaugh, Amy found a gas mask in her humvee. A little country dancing. We head over to Camp Angela for our next show. What an experience to look out at an audience sitting on tanks! Kimberley's latest loser has no idea what he is in for. After the high of such a great show, we are presented with a plaque and take a photo atop of our humvee. Kimberly calls on the radio to the other vehicles.

The next day we fly out to the border to Camp Demi. These gentlemen helped carry our bags from the helicopter. Our show was outside on the boardwalk. Any volunteers? Let's twist again! After one more show, we fly home. But not before Kimberly tries on the night goggles.

Our crew load the helicopter. Our MWR Rep., John, has become a "Liberty Mister." At this camp, we did a meet and greet with our soldiers. We were lucky to pose on this tank. Tammy, Amy and Heather even tapped on it! We were instructed in the fine art of MRE eating! Our new friends then showed us their photo albums. We stopped for one last visit to the infirmary before we left. At the next camp, we were treated to a barbecue supper. This show was a lot of fun but it was wild! We had people outside the windows facing us copying our show! It was such fun! At the end of the show, we were treated to an old fashioned holler in our honor.

The next morning found us out on the flight line waiting for our ride. This is always a good time to catch up on naps. Our first show was in a gymnasium where Kimberly met a new friend. Next, we hitched a ride with the Norweigians over to Blue Factory. The show was a great night and we flew home to spend time on Eagle Main hanging out. Do you think John has seen our show too many times?

We were honored to meet the general the next morning. Kimberly also ran into an old friend, John, from Virginia. We were again off and running to our next show. Opening number! Loading up the humvee and heading for the next camp, the audience is already waiting. With the threat of drizzle, they kindly put up a cover for us. Dance contest on this small stage sure is tricky! After the show, we were given awards and Kimberly was treated by the medics again!

The next day, we were flying to our next show when we were told to land at the next camp. They greeted us and told us they were waiting. It wasn't the camp on our list, but we went ahead anyway. It was a small crowd but we had a great show. We moved on to Camp McGovern. This camp had seen a lot of fire as is evidenced by this building. This Garden of Peace moved us to silence. Our show opened great until 70's when Heather fell! She was taken to the infirmary and shaken, we continued on. Heather hobbled back in to the roar of the crowds and joined us for "God Bless the U.S.A."

Up and at 'em early the next day, Kimberly and Amy jokingly practice on the flight line jockeying for Heather's dancing spot. At our first show, we met ______. He was featured in the Pauly Shore movie, "In The Army Now." After a great show, we went to load up the helicopter and found flowers on each of our seats. Camp Colt was next on our list and we had a big stage to perform on. Kimberly was able to get the commander up on stage for a dance. Upon talking, Tammy and Kimberly found out his in-law's are from Colonial Heights, Virginia which Kimberly knows well. Heather comes to welcome us home and tell us about her "boring" day on Tuzla Main. She sat on the side of the stage while B.B. King performed! Here our friends contemplate the ironing board while the local Bosnian ladies help put ice on Heather's ankle.

We are sad as it is close to the end of our tour. But we are happy that we are finally doing a show on Eagle Main Tuzla for all of our new friends. But first, we were invited to a picnic by the General. They also let us see the maps of Bosnia where we have bases. We had asked our friends in the mess hall to make a cake as a present for our friend John. He was quite surprised. After a great show, we again took lots of pictures and signed autographs.

Getting up early to sleep on the flight line! We say goodbye to our new family - John, Kathleen and John. We loaded up the Shinooks and headed for Taszar. Kimberly was so excited she got to fly. Once in Taszar, we were loaded into vehicles for the long ride to Budapest.

Our first night in Budapest, our friend George takes us to a local restaurant for Hungarian fare. Kimberly and JoAnna sing along with the violinist. Afterwards, we head to the Hully Gully for a well deserved fun dance night. At the back of our hotel, the Budapest Hilton, we pose for another Brady family photo on the steps of The Fishermen's Bastion.

The next day we are treated to a quick tour of Budapest. We are first taken to The Citadel at the top of the hill. The Citadel was once a fortress built between 1850 and 1854 to control the city after the suppression of the Hungarian War of Independence. It was there during the 1944-1945 siege that the German troops kept the city under fire until their final surrender. You can still see the bulletholes today. It also offers a spectacular view of both sides of the city. Kimberly is on the "Buda" side or the hilly side and Amy is on the "Pest" side or the flat side. These two cities across the River Danube were united into Budapest in 1872. The architecture all over Budapest is spectacular. We are also taken to the famous Millenary Monument in Heroes Square. It features a high column with a winged genius on top and the statues of the conquering Magyar chief Arpad and chiefs of the other six tribes on the pedestal. Behind it is a semicircular collonade with statues of the most oustanding Hungarian Kings, Princes and Commanders between each column. On top of each semicircle their are four symbolic statues: Work and Wealth on the left, two chariots depicting War and Peace, in the center and Honor and Glory on the right. This is guarded 24 hours by the Hungarian Military. It is also surrounded by many famous museums. We also drive by a little square which features a statue which was erected in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died fighting for the liberation of the capital. We also pass the Parliament building.

As we are dropped off back at the hotel, some of us decide to walk to the local shops. Here is a shot of the famous Church of Our Lady or the Matthias Church. In front of the church is the famous statue in Trinity Square. Amy, Tammy and Kimberly stop to pet the horses. That night we were taken to a hotel restaurant on an island for wonderful dinner. Back near our hotel, we decide to walk around and end up at a great jazz cafe for cappuccino. When we arrived back at the hotel, there was a performance in the outside amphitheater attached to the hotel.

The next morning we were up bright and early to leave for the airport. When we arrived in Washington, D.C., Tammy's friends and Kimberly's Mom and Dad were on hand to greet us. Kimberly and Tammy wonder if the airlines could just load us right on. In Hartford, our families are anxiously awaiting our arrival home. One last group photo as the Summer Tour 1996 comes to an end!

One more thing to do - to be honored by a visit with Governor John Rowland. He presented us with State Seal cufflinks. Also we were featured in the Waterbury Republican's Woman Wise Section on September 15, 1996.

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