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1999 - Year in Review

After a successful tour, we returned home to perform on January 29th at the Lions Club Annual Convention in West Hartford. Erin, Kimberly, Kirstie, Maria and Stacy were joined by Tammy for a few numbers. We even served as judges for their "skit" contest. Stacy's Fiance, Vinny, was our sound man for the show. Here he is clowning around begging for our autographs! (I know the pictures are blurry but - you get the idea!)

Also in January, the Holiday Liberty Misses got together with 96 LM Kimberley and 98 LM Amy and our special guest performer, Susan for a night of fun. Left-Right: Kimberly, Maria, Kirstie, Kimberley Susan and Stacy. Stacy, Kimberly and Kirstie share a laugh. Maria and Susan share a smile. Kimberley and Amy and Kimberly and Kimberley.

February not only means Valentine's Day but Salute to Veteran's Week! Sunday, February 14th we spent with our favorite Valentines - the Veterans! Kimberly, Kirstie and Maria first went to the West Haven VA Hospital. Not only was the show a success, but they were presented with welcome home bouquets and cards from Richie.

We then moved on to the Rocky Hill VA Hospital where we were joined by Amy and Tammy. A great time was had by all and we shared in their celebration afterwards. As always, we love to take a photo with Richie!

Also in February, we were asked to perform at one of our favorite sponsor's surprise 50th birthday party! We were very excited as Gary and Carol Parenti are like second parents to us. Gary was very surprised and even got in on the act! Carol danced along as well. 1998 LM, Amy, came back to join Kimberly and Kirstie for the party.

On Sunday, April 18th, the CT AMVETS invited us to be a part of their CT AMVETS "Because We Care Day." We walked to many patients rooms visiting the people that weren't going to be able to make it to the show. We also helped the AMVETS hand out their many gifts. Kimberly and Kirstie split into a team as did Erin and Maria. Here we are with a couple of our Veterans. Our shows was packed as usual and we treated them to some new numbers. They enjoyed Erin's solo dance. This last photo means so much to us and brought tears to our eyes. It was taken and presented by one of the AMVETS. They said that in the hospital room where they draw blood and do tests, they put our pictures on the ceiling so that the Veterans can have something good to look at. They said that it has worked very well for them.

May was incredibly busy for us. We started our month on Sunday, May 2nd with a fund-raiser in Willimantic. Some of our Veteran friends helped put this event together for us. We were excited to have many old and new members there that day. We were also able to announce that we had just received word of a summer tour! That day we received many awards. That day was proclaimed "Liberty Miss Day" in Willimantic and we received a Proclamation from the State of Connecticut that was awarded to us by Representative Pawlik. (See other honors here.) We tearfully dedicated a special song to Richard and all our Veterans that have helped us. Heather, Kimberly, Kirstie, Maria, Stacy and Tammy join together to sing "That's What Friends Are For."

Friday, May 14th, Heather, Kimberly and Kirstie attended the 9th Annual Junior Enlisted Ball where the NY U.S.O. was honored.

Sunday, May 16th we were back at West Haven VA Hospital for the CT AMVETS "Because We Care Day." Erin, Kimberly, Kirstie and Stacy were again presented with awards of appreciation and pins by our Veterans. Not only was the Mayor of West Haven there for the show, he became part of the show as our latest volunteer.

After leaving West Haven VA, we headed up to the Mrs. Connecticut America pageant in West Hartford. The Liberty Misses were special entertainment for the show with their Supremes medley. Kimberly also sang "Orange Colored Sky" near the beginning of the show. We were so excited to see a former LM, Bethany, garner the spot of 2nd Runner-Up!

Thursday, May 20th, Kimberly, Maria and Kirstie went to NYC for the Woman of Year luncheon at the Pierre Hotel.

Saturday, May 22nd we attended the Miss Connecticut pageant in support of Heather as she tried for the Miss CT crown. With her strong platform on supporting our American Veterans, she made many very proud. Some of our Veterans came again this year to support her. Tammy was also one of the shows featured dancers and Stacy sang the "Star Spangled Banner" to start the show.

Sunday, May 23rd we participated in Tammy's first studio recital for The Nutmeg Performing Arts Centre. Amy, Kimberly and Kirstie performed the 40's medley and Kimberly and Kirstie had solos in the show. Amy served as the emcee. We are very proud of Tammy and her successful new studio. Tammy's students have won many dance competitions in their first year.

Friday, June 4th we once again performed at the CT AMVETS annual convention in Mystic. Kimberly, Kirstie, Stacy and Tammy were honored to perform for our big supporters.

The Liberty Misses were once again invited to perform for our long time friend, Gail Young - Director of the Virginia U.S.O., at various events for the weekend of June 11th - June 13th. That Saturday we started our day with a show at the Hampton Roads VA Hospital. Erin, Kirstie, Maria and Stacy were happy to join Kimberly on her old "stomping grounds." Kimberly is from Virginia and was a former performer/ business manager for the Miss Virginia U.S.O. Troupe. It was a great reunion with Gail and our Veterans enjoyed their lunchtime performance. Some even got into the act by singing and dancing along.

After a few autographs and photos we were off and running to Wesleyan University where we were scheduled to perform at the Annual Clean the Bay Day post party. A lot of military families take part in this event which is where the U.S.O. comes in. Even though it rained, it didn't dampen our spirits or the crowd participation. Although, we did have to wear tennis shoes for the show!

Sunday, we were up bright and early to load our equipment on the USS Enterprise. We were participants in the annual Family Day Cruise. We got a giggle out of this sign! Kimberly, Erin and Maria board the ship. We take a picture inside the hangar bay. Another homecoming for Kimberly as she had performed there a few years ago with the Miss Virginia U.S.O. Troupe. After a nap, we had a few giggles with Gail. We were welcomed and had the opportunity to meet the Captain. The show was on a huge stage inside the hangar bay. The crowd participation took a new turn when Kimberly was joined on stage by two "shady characters" from Star Trek - the Klingons! Maria gets a quick photo before we leave with the guys that helped us load our van.

Soon after, preparations began for our summer tour. On Sunday, June 27th we were invited to have our going away show at the Veteran's picnic in Willimantic. Our friends welcomed the new LMs, Alison, Christine and Taylor, with pins. A great time was had by all and we thanked them for all of their support. Our summer tour was going to take us to many new places!

While we were gone, Erin represented us in the Cheshire Memorial Day Parade. It was a special day for Erin as she also had represented Cheshire at the Miss CT pageant where she finished among the Top 10 finalists.

We had only been home five days when we participated in the 300th Annual VJ Day Parade in Moosup on Sunday, August 15th. We were excited to take a photo with the Massachusetts group of Korean War Veterans - especially since we had just returned from there days before! Also our women in military service from Rhode Island. Alison, Kimberly and Taylor rode on the float decorated by many of our Veteran friends. We had a great time performing in the parade. Taylor's Grandmother and our friend Mike followed behind with our Dad Richard! We were thrilled to perform for such a huge crowd but not as much as receiving this limited edition t-shirts. After the parade, Alison and Kimberly attended a picnic hosted by our friends. Richard laughs at us as we gobble up the corn. We take a photo with our favorite, Richie. Kimberly was also honored to receive this pin. It was a great welcome home and end to a terrific day.

Our old friends at Currier Woods in Cheshire invited us back for an end of summer bash. Sunday, August 22nd, Alison, Erin, Kimberly, Kirstie and Tammy delighted the crowd with lots of audience participation. Not even rain can stop The Liberty Misses! Our friends helped us through the last number!

The Liberty Misses are always up for pageants and September was no exception! The Miss America pageant ended with a winner we could definitely be proud of. Miss Kentucky, Heather French, became the new Miss America on the platform of Supporting Our American Homeless Veterans. As always, we picked a person and Kirstie and Kimberly anxiously await the "final announcement." Kimberly waves as she "accepts the title" of "Miss America."

Sunday, October 3rd we were back in Willimantic for the Veteran's Picnic. Alison, Christine, Kimberly, Kirstie and Tammy performed a variety of group numbers and solos. Christine was able to announce that day her upcoming wedding to a young man she met while on tour. Steve was stationed at the naval base in Bahrain. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, October 6th, Alison, Kimberly and Kirstie attended the U.S.O. Gold Medal Dinner in New York City. Here they are with Senior Chief Petty Officer, Dan Irwin and Mrs. Irwin after he received an award of honor. Kimberly, Kirstie and Alison also meet star of "Honeymooners" fame, Audrey Meadows. The evening ends in the U.S.O. Suite with the Coast Guard Academy entertaining us once again with songs. We had a terrific evening.

Tuesday, October 12th we were very excited to perform at a fund-raiser for one of our biggest supporters, the Honorable Mayor of Wolcott, Steve Bosco. The Lily Lake Inn in Wolcott was filled with many of his supporters including the Honorable Governor John G. Rowland. When we pulled Mayor Bosco on stage, the Waterbury Republican-American was there to catch the action. A picture was featured in the next day's edition of the Local section. (Also see our articles page.)

On November 10th, our LM, JoAnna, was home to visit from Louisiana. Front: MaryLynn, Kimberly; Middle: Amy; Back: Kimberly, JoAnna and friend.

November was upon us once again and it was time for Veteran's Day celebrations. Saturday, November 13th, Erin, Heather, Kimberly and Tammy started the day at the Rocky Hill VA. Erin shares a special moment with our favorite "Dad" - Richard Sabrowske.

Afterwards we headed for the West Haven VA where we had some very special guest performers - Tammy's Nutmeg Performing Arts Centre students! Erin, Heather, Tammy and Kimberly wore different service jackets while Kimberly sang the "Armed Forces Medley." Among our special guests were local talents and pageant winners, Maricsabel, Jenny and Caitlin. Our friends, Nick DeSerbo and Richard Sabrowske watch the show. After singing "God Bless The U.S.A.," Kimberly is presented with a plaque by Doug Newell, CT AMVET Commander. She also has some pins that she brought back from Korea to present to Richard and others that served in Korea.

But the day wasn't over yet! We were asked to perform with long time old friend Tony Persia for a birthday party at Laurel View Country Club. The LMs had performed for this gentleman's birthday celebration five years prior and his wife requested us back. This time Kirstie joined us and we were able to have a good time joking around with the birthday boy! Erin and Heather pull him up on stage so Kimberly can sing "Big Spender" to him. Left-Right: Kirstie, Erin, Heather, Birthday Boy, Tammy and Kimberly

Saturday, December 11th we were able to spread some Christmas cheer to our Veterans at the Rocky Hill VA Hospital.

In December we had our holiday get together in New Haven. We were happy to have Melissa home from North Carolina. Mary Lynn, Kimberley, Amy, Tammy, Heather, Melissa, Kimberly and Dawn.

Thus ended another great year for The Liberty Misses. We were once again asked to tour for the holidays. Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill the Department of Defense's request at that time.

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