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1997 - Year in Review

Home from tour, we meet in January to see each other and exchange photos at a local hotspot, Civic Cafe, in Hartford, Connecticut. Kimberley, Kimberly, JoAnna and Melissa smile for the camera.

Saturday, February 15, 1997 we once again celebrated Salute To Veterans Week/Valentine's Day with our Rocky Hill VA Veterans.

Melissa dances during our 50's medley while JoAnna, Kimberly and Kimberley sing along. Kimberly twists again! JoAnna sings "Now When The Rain Falls" to a rapt audience. This song helped garner a Top 5 spot for her at the Miss Connecticut pageant. Kimberly receives a gift from a veteran.

March 15, 1997 brings around pageant time for The Liberty Misses - Miss Shoreline/Miss Long Island Sound.

Here we are at rehearsal and in costume for the opening number - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." The contestants portion was choreographed by Tammy and Heather.

At the suggestion of Kimberly, our emcee, we wear red, white and blue gowns for the finale - "God Bless The U.S.A." which she choreographed.

At the end of the evening Miss Shoreline, JoAnna, crowns Amy the new Miss Long Island Sound. At the Miss Connecticut Pageant's Yankee Doodle Dandy awards later that spring, Kimberly won for Best Script and was nominated as Best Emcee. Tammy and Heather also won for Best Choreography.

In April, we performed for one of our long time supporter, Wanda Dinsmore and the Ladies Guild of the First Congregational Church in Waterbury.
Kimberly singing, Tammy dancing and our Supremes medley were just a few of the numbers that made the evening another success.

Also on April 10, 1997, we were featured on Tony Persia's Community Talk Back cable show. Tony is also an old friend of The Liberty Misses and we have appeared at functions with him and his band. Tony asked us great questions about our tours overseas and we were able to show some great video to the local viewers.

Saturday, May 10, 1997 we performed at Meriden Square Mall with Miss Connecticut 1996, Stacy Perrone, to help Lenscrafters celebrate their one year anniversary.

At the end of our show, Stacy joined us for "God Bless The U.S.A."

In May, 1997 we also attended the U.S.O. Woman of the Year luncheon at the Plaza in New York City.

Here we are at the reception before the luncheon. L to R: Amy, MaryLynn, JoAnna, Kimberley and Kimberly.

We had a chance to meet and talk with honoree, Dina Merrill. Kimberly and Amy were thrilled to meet the dashing movie star, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

May, 1997 we went to the Miss Connecticut Pageant to cheer on Amy.

Here Amy competes in talent and evening gown.Kimberly, JoAnna, Tammy, Amy, Heather and Melissa after the preliminaries.In her last moments as Miss Connecticut, Stacy performs for the crowd.

Our friend we met in Macedonia, John Adams, came down from New York to cheer Amy on.

Memorial Day Weekend brought us back to NYC for Fleet Week!

We stayed on the U.S.S. WASP for the weekend. To leave the ship, we have to sign out of THE LIBERTY LOG!

Here we are singing the national anthem as part of the festivities on the WASP.

McHale's Navy - hmmm - speaks for itself doesn't it?

As we head out of port on a sunset cruise, we take a group shot with some of our new friends.

Friday, June 20, 1997 we performed at the CT AMVETS State Convention in North Haven.

Kimberley pushes our AMVET Norman Musk around during "I Will Survive."

From L to R: Heather, Amy, Tammy, JoAnna and Melissa line up for the dance contest.

But it is all for naught as Kimberly and AMVET Al Duff shake it down to win the dance contest.

After the show, Norman Musk presents us with an award for our service. Front L to R: Kimberley, Kimberly, JoAnna, Tammy and Melissa. Back L to R: Heather, Richard Sabrowske, Norman Musk and Amy.

In June, we got together at Kimberley's house to celebrate birthdays and pageants - LM style! Melissa & Kimberley were celebrating their birthdays and Kimberly was on her way to the Ms. Petite International pageant in Houston as Ms. International Petite Connecticut. We decided the cake was more tasty this way!

In August, we got together at Kimberley's house for another "pageant" celebration as we watched Miss Teen U.S.A. This is always fun for us and Tammy was the "winner" for the evening!

In September, Kimberley and Kimberly made the trip to Atlantic City to see Miss Connecticut, Merissa Starnes compete in her talent preliminary. She did very well and was a featured photo in the next morning's newspapers. Kimberly sits beside Kylene Barker's plaque on the Rose walk near the new convention center. Kylene was a Miss Virginia when she won the Miss America title.

We also get together at the Civic Cafe again where Kimberly gives everyone a mini clock as a gift. Melissa gets a mini phone because she talks to Paul all the time. Paul and Missy met on our Holiday 1996-1997 tour. Tammy gets an apple because she is a dance teacher. Amy gets a treasure chest because of "Mrs. Frizzle" whom she played on a national tour. Melissa poses with JoAnna's mirror because she couldn't make it. Kimberley gets a perfume bottle because she is always glamourous.

September, 1997 - Miss Greater Newington Pageant.

Kimberly, Miss Connecticut 1996, Stacy Perrone and Miss Greater Newington, Susan pose for one last photo after the pageant. Our theme was "Grease" hence the big "beehive" hairdo on our emcee, Kimberly.

October, 1997 - U.S.O. Gold Medal Dinner at the Plaza in New York City.

We had the opportunity to congratulate the newly honored recipient of the Gold Medal Award. Kimberly and Miss Connecticut 1997, Merissa Starnes, have an opportunity to say congratulations. Kimberly, Amy and JoAnna joined the band on stage for a couple of numbers.

As always, we enjoy the singing styles of the Coast Guard Academy. But before we go home, we take our traditional group photo.

November, 1997 - Rocky Hill VA Home - Veterans Day visits.

Jennifer, Heather and Kimberly visited many of our Veterans in the Rocky Hill VA home. Here we are with just a few of our friends.

We even had a chance to say hello to our favorite veteran, Willie.

December, 1997 - Meriden Square Mall Christmas Celebrations.

Our Christmas show was very exciting as we were joined by Classic Liberty Misses, Valerie ('92) and Kelly ('93). We performed many Christmas tunes for the crowd.

Not only is Miss Connecticut 1997, Merissa Starnes a wonderful dancer, she wowed the crowd when she joined us for some singing.

Also in December, we had our Christmas "family" get together. It has now been a year since Melissa and Paul met while on our Christmas 1996 Tour. Tonight as we celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate their anniversary. Paul played "Papa" and cut the turkey for our dinner. After opening gifts, we gather around the tree for a family photo.

New Year's Eve, JoAnna, Kimberley and Kimberly celebrated in New Haven. Happy again to share ringing in another new year!

As always, 1997 was a great year for us and our Veterans.

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