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1996 - Year in Review

When we returned home from our tour, we were pleased to have the chance to be thanked by the Governor of Connecticut, The Honorable John G. Rowland. Here we are in his office at the State Capital building located in Hartford. L-R: Kimberly, Tammy, Heather, Gov. Rowland, JoAnna and Kimberley. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to chat with us and ask us about our experiences overseas. He also surprised us by presenting us with State Seal cufflinks.

Also after our return, the Bristol Press ran this article about Amy and our tour on August 12, 1996.

That summer we also performed in Massachusetts. JoAnna laughs as an audience member takes over the singing. Tammy points out a dance partner. Heather country dances and Kimberly twists 50's style.

That November, we visited Rocky Hill and West Haven VA Hospitals for our Salute to Veterans Day performances. We also were busy preparing for our upcoming Holiday Tour!

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