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1993-1994 - Partial Review

Thursday, November 11, 1993 we celebrated Veterans Day at the Newington VA Hospital.

Kimberly entertains our Veterans as JoAnna claps and MaryLynn dances. Here are a couple of photos that were featured in the New Britain Herald. (for article, see our news page)

Friday, November 19, 1993 we helped Kimberley, Miss Meriden, celebrate 90 years of the Meriden Public Library. There were many events that evening and we were glad to be a part of them. While Kimberley sings, Kimberly dances with one of the crowd. (to see an article - check our news page)

Here we are at the photo shoot for our new autograph sheets.

Tuesday, February 15, 1994 brought us back to the Newington VA Hospital for National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week.

Amy sings while Kimberly hands out cookies to the Veterans. Amy and Kim sing a country tune while MaryLynn, JoAnna and Dina clap along.

Kimberly, Dina and Amy are all smiles after another great Veterans show.

Saturday, April 23, 1994 we appeared at the Embassy Room in Wolcott as a fund-raiser for our Miss Wolcott, Heather.

Kimberley and Kimberly sing while Dawn, Heather and Melissa dance. Dawn, Heather and Melissa delight the crowd with a tap "hoedown" to "Orange Blossom Special."

Dawn, Heather and Melissa dance solo. Kimberley, our Marilyn Monroe, sings "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend." Kimberly makes the gentlemen stand at attention while she sings "I've Got A Crush On You." As always, we end our show with "God Bless The U.S.A." After a successful fund-raiser for Heather we were thanked by Wolcott Mayor, Eugene Migliaro.

We also had the opportunity to perform at the Miss Connecticut America Follies, an annual fund-raiser for our Miss Connecticut contestants.

Saturday, May 7, 1994 we appeared at the annual Boyscout Jamboree.

Signing autographs was just one of our fun activities that day. Dawn and her partner show their stuff in the dance contest. Kimberly, Kimberley and JoAnna receive commemorative hats as gifts. Kimberley and Kimberly sit down with the "natives." JoAnna, Kimberly, Kimberley, MaryLynn and Dawn meet The Second Generation Osmonds. As well as performing, two of the Osmonds made the honored ranks of Eagle Scout that weekend. (for article, see our news page)

Thursday, May 12, 1994 was the annual U.S.O. of Metropolitan New York Woman of the Year Luncheon.

Here we are with honoree, Lesley Stahl. From L-R: Melissa (background), Dawn, Amy, Heather, Lesley Stahl, JoAnna, Kimberly, Kimberley and Dina.

Also a huge U.S.O. supporter, Audrey Meadows, most notably known for "The Honeymooners." From L-R: Amy, Heather, Audrey Meadows, Kimberly, Dina and Kimberley.

One last photo in the Trump Plaza Grand Ballroom before we take the train back to Connecticut. Front L-R: Kimberley, MaryLynn, Dawn and Melissa. Back L-R: Dina, Kimberly, Heather, JoAnna and Amy.

Memorial Day Weekend - FleetWeek 1994.

On the deck of the Intrepid, we pose for a group photo. Performing "What A Man" for the crowd are JoAnna, Kimberley, MaryLynn, Melissa, Amy, Dawn, Dina, Heather and Kimberly. While MaryLynn belts out the tune "Fever," Dawn and Melissa dance. Our country girls do a little slappin' leather dance while Dina belts a country tune. Wrapping up our show with hats from our friends, we sing "God Bless The U.S.A."

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